Tenable launches solution to secure converged IT/OT environments

Published on
12/12/2019 01:43 PM

Cybersecurity company Tenable has announced the "industry's first integrated Cyber Exposure solution", according to a press release. The solution provides a "unified view of cyber risk spanning information technology (IT) networks and operational technology (OT)."

On-premises vulnerability management

Today, modern OT environments are increasingly interconnected with IT. As a result, enterprises are faced with a "complex, sensitive and vastly expanded attack surface" that demands effective risk management. The solution is the industry's first and is viable in both enterprise applications and industrial control systems. For the first time, security leaders can "rely on a single platform to measure, manage and reduce cyber risk across both IT and OT environments." Tenable Industrial Security™ now integrated with Tenable.sc™ (formerly SecurityCenter) enables organisations to manage vulnerabilities on-premises. As the press release states, the integrated solution "provides the first complete picture of IT and OT assets together." As a result, this enables enterprises to identify exposures and vulnerabilities across the entire business. The platform also helps organisations prioritise and manage cybersecurity against business risks.

The value of visibility

Renaud Deraison, Tenable co-founder and CTO commented on the importance of a single, unified view into converged IT/OT environments. “The interconnectedness of digital infrastructure today means the security of IT directly impacts OT, and vice versa," he said. Without this visibility, CISOs are unable to defend their organisation adequately and effectively. As Deraison asserts, "it’s bad cyber strategy and it places the business at serious risk.” The Tenable.sc platform could be the answer. "Loved by thousands of CISOs and security teams for on-premises vulnerability management and the integration with Industrial Security for comprehensive IT/OT visibility," Deraison said that the platform is "a natural and obvious extension of our leading vulnerability management capabilities.”

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