How does improving air quality increase worker performance?

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12/12/2019 01:43 PM

Employers could reportedly improve worker performance by 20% simply by increasing the fresh air supply in offices and meeting rooms. This is according to a new report from Sharp, which reviewed the role of indoor air temperature and lighting on office work performance and wellness in meetings.

Increase worker performance with better air

Unveiled yesterday at UC EXPO, Sharp also showcased the new Windows collaboration display. In effect, it is now possible to monitor and collect data on environmental conditions and the use of meeting rooms in order to "create smarter meeting spaces."

As the press release observes, the average UK office worker spends 17 hours a month in meetings. It is thus vital that businesses create the right conditions in order to boost employee productivity.

The new report, developed by Sharp and workplace psychologist Dr Nigel Oseland, also identifies temperature as a key environmental factor. In fact, temperature reportedly impacts memory recall, attention span, and creativity, all of which affect performance.

Indeed, the findings show that gradually decreasing the temperature to 18°C one hour before the end of the working day boosted productivity and performance by 4.1%. As a result, this is evidently beneficial for "lengthy meetings and combatting the end of day productivity lull."

The importance of light

Office and meeting room lighting also had a significant impact on concentration and productivity. According to the latest research, good lighting can improve performance by 15%.

Overall, good lighting and daylight are essential to an employee's wellness and mood. Findings show that workers in offices with windows have 46 more minutes of sleep per night, in comparison to those without.

This therefore provides ample justification for businesses to reevaluate the design of their workspaces. Essentially, this means that companies should include lighting that provides the "optimal place for employees to think and collaborate."

“Studies have repeatedly shown that uncomfortable environmental conditions can negatively affect performance in the general office space and meeting rooms," Environmental Psychologist Dr. Nigel Oseland commented. It is thus vital that businesses control and adapt these conditions in order to boost overall employee productivity and performance.

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