CxO of the Week: Brian Humphries, CEO at Cognizant

Published on
13/01/2018 09:43 AM

As CEO and a member of the board of directors for Cognizant, Brian Humphries holds a valuable position in technology. Cognizant is a leading company in today's digital landscape, and Brian has had a positive impact on it. This is with particular thanks to his commitment to sourcing diverse talent and driving digital transformation.  In his position at Cognizant, Brian is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the brand and promoting Cognizant's client-first culture. Today, Humphries is making significant progress when it comes to ensuring the sustainable growth and development of the Cognizant name. 

A Goal-Oriented and Customer-Centric Leader

Brian came to his role in Cognizant following a rich background in the tech landscape. Over the years, he's proven his leadership skills and expertise with a track record of enterprise-wide transformation. Through the focused execution of carefully chosen strategies, Brian has helped Cognizant remain on top in a highly competitive marketplace. Before Cognizant, Brian was the CEO of Vodafone Business.  Humphries' two-year leadership position with Vodafone allowed him to enhance his talents as a motivational and influential leader. The Vodafone Business group accounted for almost a third of the parent company's service revenue during Humphries' time at the helm. Before Vodafone, Brian also spent six months with the Dell EMC brand, working as Chief Operating Officer and President of the Infrastructure Solutions group. Humphries also spent three and a half years as Dell's President of Worldwide Enterprise Solutions, and a year as VP and General Manager of Enterprise Solutions.  Brian's rich background also includes over a decade of work with the Hewlett Packard brand. Here, he held positions like Senior Vice President of Emerging Markets, Strategy, and Corporate Development. 

Driving Ongoing Success for Cognizant

From his early jobs in digital equipment companies and with the Compaq computer corporation to leadership roles in various market-leading brands, Brian has spent most of his life in tech. Since acquiring his Business Administration degree, Humphries has remained committed to achieving his goals in the digital landscape.  Today, he continues to share the values and culture of the company with the world and drive incredible results.

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