CxO of the Week: Anna Gudmundson, Tech Exec, CEO, and Board Director

Published on
13/12/2019 09:43 AM

Usually, our CxO of the Week feature focuses on the background and skills of a CEO, CTO, or another senior employee in a successful company. This week, we're taking a slightly different approach, by looking at the accomplishments of a woman who is currently working outside of the C-Suite, as an Independent Consultant. Anna Gudmundson has a rich background in the technology industry, offering expertise and knowledge in everything from design to user behaviour and psychology. Her broad range of interests and skills makes Anna Gudmundson an intriguing mind in the tech field. In an earlier role, Anna was a turnaround CEO. Now, she helps executives in the tech sector to deliver more optimised and enhanced business and product strategies. 

Vision, Creativity, Execution, and Delivery

Anna is a passionate member of the technology community. For years, she's brought a unique insight into the industry. She uses creativity combined with experience and logic to transform businesses of all shapes and sizes. Part of what sets Gudmundson apart is her passion for identifying new trends and thinking outside of the box. She always seems to find exciting new ways of unlocking opportunities for the companies that she works with.  Currently working as a Director, Advisor, and Independent Consultant, Anna provides strategic consulting and insights to tech-enabled companies. Specifically, she works with inspiring brands to unlock the power of innovation and smart ideas. Gudmundson identifies the fundamental steps that companies need to take to open the door to success. Over the years, she's worked with clients like Autonome, OpenDesk, 8fit, and Hasselblad.  Gudmundson also holds a role as a Board Advisor for Bioself Technology, where she provides her expertise in Business and Product Strategy. Before she embraced her skills as an Advisor and Consultant, Anna worked as CEO of Kin Group Holdings. Here, she was the turnaround CEO for a fitness tracker business that was struggling in a saturated market. Despite a range of challenges, she managed to overhaul the company and get it back on track.  Gudmundson has also worked as the Head of Services and Service Product Management for Vertu, as well as holding roles as a Technical Project Manager for Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, and Head of Clients for MePlease. 

A Diverse Background in Technology

As both a C-Suite Executive and a pioneer in the technology industry, Anna has accomplished incredible things over the years. Anna acquired her Master's degree in IT Engineering from the Uppsala University and has a passion to continue learning. The variety of experiences that Gudmundson has had in various roles gives her unique insight to bring to the technology world today. That's one of the reasons why she's such an effective consultant.  Anna manages her own blog in her free time, where she shares her thoughts on the technology sector. When she's not working, she enjoys everything from music, to fine dining, and dancing.