Tech Chat hits the road: Business agility and BSM solutions – Coupa Inspire’19 EMEA

Published on
16/12/2019 02:15 PM
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In this week’s episode, Max heads to Coupa Inspire’19 EMEA to talk business agility and business spend management platforms. Firstly, he speaks with Donna Wilczek, SVP, Product Strategy and Innovation at Coupa Software. Donna delves into why businesses are growing more cautious about the economy, as indicated in the Q3 Coupa Business Spend Index. She also explores the considerations for organisations when creating a risk management strategy.

Then, Max meets James Wagstaff, Chief Procurement Officer at Provident Financial Group. James discusses the advantages of business spend management platforms. He also demonstrates how this approach can change an organisation.

Finally, Max speaks to Ravi Thakur, Senior Vice President, Business Acceleration at Coupa Software. Ravi details how business spend management solutions can help financial services businesses minimise costs.