Ask the Expert: Sachin Dev Duggal, Chief Wizard at

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13/12/2019 11:06 AM

Ask the Expert: Sachin Dev Duggal, Chief Wizard at Joining us for this week’s Ask the Expert is Sachin Dev Duggal, Chief Wizard at Sachin is an innovation-driven entrepreneur who aims to build technology that simplifies users’ lives. In particular, Sachin specialises in finance, distributed systems, software engineering, and computational maths, and more. In this podcast, Sachin begins by outlining why some companies are hesitant to action their app development, particularly in light of the boom of businesses doing so. Then, he delves into why he believes there is such a demand for businesses to have apps today. As well as this, Sachin explores the roadblocks sometimes met when developing one and how to keep apps running smoothly. Finally, Sachin shares his thoughts on the future. “AS YOUR CUSTOMER IS CHANGING HOW THEY BUY, IT’S IMPERATIVE THAT YOU CHANGE HOW YOU SELL” Sachin Dev Duggal “” “YOU’VE GOT TO HAVE A SUFFICIENT AMOUNT OF POSITIVE GOODWILL AND ENERGY TO SURVIVE THAT TIME-TO-DELAY”