CxO of the Week: Rajesh Gopinathan, CEO at Tata Consultancy Services

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With an engineering degree from the Regional Engineering College of Tiruchirappalli and a post-graduate diploma in management, Rajesh Gopinathan has always had big ambitions. Joining Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) in 2001, he worked his way through the ranks, becoming the Chief Financial Officer for the company in 2013. By 2017, Rajesh had earned the role of CEO, where he now helps TCS thrive in the competitive marketplace.  Gopinathan has been a crucial driver in TCS becoming the incredible $20.9 billion company it is today. Currently, TCS is one of the world's largest private sector employers. As well as this, it's one of the top global employers for employee satisfaction. With Rajesh's amazing leadership, TCS became the most valuable company in India in 2018. Since, TCS has become one of the top three IT services brands in the market and one of the industry's fastest-growing companies. 

Working His Way Through the Ranks

Prior to becoming TCS's Chief Financial Officer, Gopinathan was the Vice President of Business Finance. In this role, he was responsible for the management of various operating units for the company. Rajesh was one of the people who helped drive the newly established e-business created for TCS in the United States when it first emerged. Gopinathan was also involved in the design and implementation of a new operating model for the company.  Since 1996, Rajesh has worked on several valuable assignments as part of the Tata Strategic Management community. Today, Gopinathan is a personification of TCS's commitment to a culture of customer focus and exceptional service quality. With Rajesh's help, TCS has been able to step into its next wave of growth, with an improved services portfolio in the digital realm and endless opportunities for new innovations with clients.  Rajesh's commitment to excellent management stability, his consistent focus on execution, and his collaborative leadership style has helped TCS thrive over the years. As a result, Bombay Management Association gave him the Management Man Achiever of the Year award in 2019. The Brand Guardianship Index also named him as one of the top 100 Global CEOs in the world in 2019. 

A Life of Outstanding Achievements

Throughout his fantastic career, Rajesh has achieved amazing things within the private sector. In turn, the CECP gave him the CEO Force for Good accolade, and he also earned the Best CEO title for the 2018 Institutional Investor's Asia rankings.  Gopinathan is an excellent example of success through commitment to one's craft and dedication to leadership. Since earning his electrical and electronic engineering degree in 1994, Rajesh has made a resounding impact on the IT landscape.

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