CxO of the Week: Abidali Neemuchwala, CEO and Managing Director of Wipro

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As the CEO and Managing Director of the Wipro technology brand, Abidali Neemuchwala is one of the best-known men in the industry. Currently responsible for managing over $8 billion in revenue, as well as more than 160,000 employees, Abidali has a lot of pressure to contend with as the leader of his business. Wipro, as a company, currently serves clients across no less than six continents.  Fortunately, Neemuchwala is very capable of tackling the challenge ahead of him. Abidali took over the role of CEO in 2016, but before that, he spent around ten months with Wipro, working as a Group President and COO. During that time, Abid, as he likes to be known, launched several incredible initiatives, which helped to make Wipro more agile, adaptive, and useful. Additionally, as COO, Abid improved Wipro's ability to respond to the needs of customers in a digital environment, without overwhelming employees. 

Incredible Experience in the Technology Industry

Neemuchwala came to his position with Wipro from a long-standing history in the IT services environment. With over 25 years serving the sector, Abid has developed in-depth operational knowledge and strategic insight that helps him to scale and build businesses with consistent success. As well as being a fantastic business leader, Abid is also a champion for diversity in the workplace, working on the board of the World Affairs Council and the Texas Economic Development Corporation.  Before joining Wipro, Abidali was the Vice President of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). He spent a total of 23 years and two months in this role, helping the company to evolve into one of the best-known brands in IT services. Before taking the mantle of Vice President, Abid was also Global Head TCS BPS for Tata Consultancy Services for over six years.  Neemuchwala has a Master's degree from the University of Mumbai in Industrial Management, and a Bachelor's in Communication and Electronics from NIT in Raipur. Abid is also a certified Six Sigma Green Belt, and certified software quality analyst. 

An Advocate for Change

As mentioned above, Abid stands out as more than just an exceptional leader; he's also an influential figure for change in the industry. He believes in the simplification and evolution of complex processes.  In 2010, Abid was awarded the title of BPO CEO of the world. In 2012, he earned recognition for his contribution to the IT services sector by the Shared Services Organization for IPOC.

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