Forrester predicts “RPA will reshape the future of work”

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Artificial intelligence (AI) will reshape the future of business, according to market research company Forrester. The Future of IT report also stated that robotic process automation (RPA) will allow leaders to "envision new ways of organisations and governing work."

Advanced automation is on the rise

"Advanced automation will simplify infrastructure and applications activities within IT," Forrester predicts. Meanwhile, RPA, robots, and other forms of automation will continue to "permeate all corners of the enterprise."

As a result, IT will reportedly seek to establish an AI capability to aid or lead the orchestration of work. Moreover, companies will aim to "grow the abilities of human employees to work alongside robots."

IT will also be responsible for managing and orchestrating AI implementations and business logic. As the business shifts from "siloed hierarchies to an orchestrated organism", AI will become "properly adapted" under the supervision of IT.

Nevertheless, the report notes that AI is "complex and opaque to the non-tech savvy" in the enterprise. It therefore requires the "close and persistent collaboration of technology and operational experts" in a controlled framework.

The power of ANTstein™

As Forrester observes, companies require expertise in order to reap the benefits of AI. AntWorks is a global AI and intelligent automation company that strives to create new possibilities with "data through digitisation, automation and enterprise intelligence."

As the world's only platform that "understands every data type", ANTstein™ digitises information for a wide range of industries. ANTstein™ creates "human-like RPA bots in a low-code/no-code environment" in order to automate complex processes.

AntWorks' platform enhances enterprises by providing "accurate insights through an integrated, intelligent, technology stack that automates and learns independently." In effect, the company is constantly innovating and accelerating the new.

ANTstein™ completes tasks faster and more accurately by independently re-engineering itself while evaluating new data. In addition to this, its dynamic learning engine allows the platform to analyse and resolve problems concurrently.

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