Enterprise augmented intelligence is a new and innovative way of making better business decisions. Due to the rise of this technology, industry analysts Forrester predict that insights-driven businesses will be generating $1.8 trillion annually by 2021.

The rise of AI

Despite talent shortages, a recent Gartner report indicates that companies are continuing to adopt AI. In fact, the number of enterprises employing AI-related technologies has grown 270% over the past four years alone. Specifically, Chris Howard, research VP at Gartner predicts that augmented intelligence will thrive this year. “We still remain far from general AI that can wholly take over complex tasks, but we have now entered the realm of AI-augmented work and decision science — what we call ‘augmented intelligence,’” he insisted.

Enterprise augmented intelligence in practice

MondoBrain remains at the forefront of enterprise augmented intelligence (EAI) with its revolutionary approach. This is due to the fact that its EAI solution is easy to use and utilises the most powerful AI prescriptive algorithms. In order to receive predictions, users simply apply filters in order to create questions for MondoBrain. In effect, MondoBrain offers an innovative approach to the use of intelligent enterprise dashboards.

The ultimate EAI platform

MondoBrain's unique hypothesis-free algebraic geometry algorithm even works with missing and discrete data. The tool also eliminates variables that have no value, extracts variables that drive the phenomena, and learns the critical ranges and values with the strongest impact on the overall outcome.

Using a simple interface, users can easily detect how strong each answer is by the traffic light colours system. In relation to technical or business constraints, users can subsequently adjust each rule in order to receive live updates of predicted results.

The power of KPI trees

Moreover, MondoBrain allows employees to explore alternatives, move ranges, and iterate in order to discover the best solution. Business professionals can then input their experience, knowledge and intuition while also sharing their discoveries and recommendations with fellow colleagues.

Using the tool, users can also seamlessly share dashboards within the organisation. With KPI trees, decision makers can immediately access the drivers of their operations and share KPIs in a targeted manner.