AI experts BrainCreators launch first “enterprise ready AI platform”

Published on
12/12/2019 01:43 PM

This week, an Amsterdam based AI company launched the first enterprise ready AI platform. Named BrainMatter, the cutting edge enterprise AI application platform is the work of BrainCreators.

How it works

According to the press release, the platform facilitates the "creation of high quality structured datasets from any data source at scale" for companies. BrainMatter also supports "a diverse range of data formats including image, speech, text, audio, video, time-series and sensor data."

As the first enterprise ready AI platform, BrainMatter provides enterprise teams with custom annotation screens and dashboards. Trained and applied in the background, BrainMatter's AI models are continuously improving in order to improve the speed and accuracy of the annotation process.

The platform also provides a smart and customisable data annotation platform. In effect, this should remove the "labour-intensive and costly operation of building large, high quality labeled datasets."

This feature significantly speeds up the labelling process and optimises data for AI model training. The company also provides access to all data in order to enable deep integration with an enterprise's data science.

The importance of data preparation

As the press release states, AI is reshaping industries and altering the way that enterprises operate. However, the majority of companies are failing to capitalise on the potential value of AI and its related technologies.

Machine learning has the ability to improve operational efficiencies and saving costs for early adopters. In order to achieve this competitive advantage, however, good quality data is absolutely critical.

Any company that is seeking to integrate AI technology must first prepare adequate datasets. This tends to be labour intensive, costly, and often bias - as Amazon found out when it employed a sexist AI hiring tool.

“Many companies that want to start adopting artificial intelligence hit a roadblock before they even start as their data isn't prepared for AI. We've experienced this with all our enterprise clients and that's how we came up with the concept of BrainMatter,” Co-Founder and CEO of BrainCreators Jasper Wognum stated.

"BrainMatter enables the application of machine learning and AI for businesses across verticals. It accelerates their transformation to a data-centric enterprise. You can start innovating right away; we solve AI data preparation for you,” Wognum concluded.

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