The Top 5 Benefits of Chatbots for Businesses

Published on
Thu, 04/07/2022 - 10:05

When one thinks of chatbots, they imagine slow, repetitive web extensions that take up too much of the page and your time. However, today’s chatbots are a different breed. 

Far from the outdated and inefficient bots of yesterday, today’s chatbots are smoother, more effective at helping employees eliminate the cumbersome daily tasks and allowing them to focus on results-based work that benefits their careers and business long term. 

1. Eliminate errors

Even the most perfect employee is prone to a mistake. Sorting through countless documents or sheets is naturally bound to lead to an oversight or two. By integrating chatbots into these admin-heavy tasks, it eliminates inherent errors through intelligent document scanning, and is, therefore, able to take calculated business risks.  

2. Boost productivity

Employees are burdened with administrative tasks that take up too much of their time. A recent ABBYY survey found that 92% of employees admit they ‘waste up to 8 hours a week searching documents for information.’ This is not the best use of company time and could lead to poor business decisions down the line. The implementation of chatbots aid in the allocation of resources, internally strengthening a business’ cost-effectiveness. 

3. Intelligently improve customer experiences

Chatbots can be the new frontline for customer service, with the overall goal of increasing efficiency. With a more reliable starting point, a business can then intelligently allocate workers to new tasks which will greatly benefit in the long term such as data analysis or process mining. This also impacts the customers directly, as these more productive tasks will bear greater fruit going forward, improving business relations.

4. Support around the clock

The ability to offer 24/7 support externally is a great advantage for businesses but it can also be applied internally. AI-powered chatbots can act as an extension to HR. These powerful chatbots can handle scheduling problems, leave requests and general job queries. This constant foundation helps add value to human work. 

5. Harmonising humans with chatbots

As chatbots remove employees’ most cumbersome, menial admin tasks, they enable them to embrace more productive and satisfactory work in their day to day. Boosting employee satisfaction feels in their job is business critical, particularly as the job market widens and organisations look to improve talent attraction and retention. 

Watch our Emerge5 video above as we interview Neil Parker, General Manager, EMEA at Laiye, about the key ways chatbots can be more effective from a CX perspective.