Top 5 Tech Trends Empowering Charities and NGOs

Top 5 Tech Trends Empowering Charities and NGOs


Tech tools are now being applied to industries all across the spectrum, from grocery eCommerce all the way to charities and NGOs (non-governmental organisation). Collecting donations for some of the most humanitarian causes is a difficult task, but it's made easier with the right technology. Futurist technologies are now empowering charities and NGOs and in this episode of Emerge5, we're having a look at the top five to look out for in 2021.

Remember to watch the video for an exclusive interview with Kat Mann, Senior Support Worker at Women's Aid. Women's Aid battle domestic abuse through their robust team of support workers and by connecting with local charitable organisations. In fact, Women's Aid have found that tech has helped them reach a wider demographic of women and provide a safer option for those without a voice. 

Communication Tools

Being more connected with people that care about your charity’s cause is essential to getting donations, which is where investment in tools such as omni channel and live chat has helped charities out. Many charities are now implementing video streaming for fundraising, launched virtual events and even created forums for their donors to discuss issues. 

Remember to check out the video for an interview with Senior Support Worker at Women's Aid Kat Mann.

Enterprise Reporting Software Tools

NGOs and charities use data just like any other kind of company, which means they also face the same problems. One of the biggest challenges companies face is having data silos, which we have said time and time again, is one of the worst ways you can manage your data. That’s why enterprise reporting software tools are now being used by NGOs such as NRC Colombia and Save the Children.

Investment in CRM Tools

According to a study last year by Salesforce, over 82% of businesses that use CRM tools have seen the benefits it can bring, and this is only likely to increase as time goes on. In fact, 2021 saw more charities adopting charity specific CRM tools such as Donorfy, which has proved useful for fundraising. Ultimately, our main goal when empowering charities is to get those donations, and it seems as though a huge investment in CRM tools is the best way forward.

Digital Transformation

In the last year, every industry forced companies to go digital due to the pandemic, but it seems like that trend might be here to stay. According to the Charity Digital Skills report from 2020, 66% of charities were delivering work remotely while 61% looked to offer more online services. With the trend of charities training their staff to navigate around online services more easily, it seems as though the digital transformation is going to accelerate even further in 2021. 

Cybersecurity Training

As you might know, no industry is completely safe from cyber attacks, and tragically even charities fall victim to unwanted adversaries. In fact in 2019, over a quarter of UK charities were affected by harmful adversaries. But these difficult times have led to progress; 47% of charities in the same year looked for external help in regards to their cybersecurity, including training.