Top 5 Enterprise Content Management Startups

Top 5 Enterprise Content Management Startups


As many employees working in any form of administrative role will realise, content management comes with its fair share of obstacles and complexities. Whether this is due to geo-dependent legal frameworks such as GDPR, changes in customer behaviour or simply a lack of visibility into customer data, content management always has the capacity to become overwhelming and, as such, needs to be simplified.

We have seen companies such as Templafy succeed in this realm with tools such as Engage; a tool which serves to help workers create content faster by integrating with Google Workplace, Microsoft Office and Salesforce. Still, while Engage's versatility and insights provide workers with actionable data to improve content performance, there are few other content management tools that are providing an equal service.

That's why this week, we have found the Top 5 Enterprise Content Management Startups so you don't have to.


Templafy is helping over 2 million users improve productivity, branding, and compliance across business documents, presentations, and emails. Their platform assists enterprise employees in each stage of the document creation workflow, delivering more productive, compliant and enjoyable ways of working in office applications.  It’s a solution that communications and compliance teams can control, IT can trust, and employees love using.

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Quip is a mobile productivity suite that enables people to collaborate on any device. It combines chat, documents, spreadsheets, checklists, and more in a simple and elegant interface that makes collaboration easy. Their ideal goal is that you work with people, not files.  Now partnered with the Salesforce Anywhere experience it allows a modern and real-time way to interact with your CRM.


Docsend was created to limit the confusion around fundraising and investors. They wanted to end email attachments and give business leaders a modern, secure sharing and tracking platform. Today, over 17,000 professionals use DocSend for fundraising, business development and sales, M&A deals, investor relations, and more. Their mission? To consolidate common workflows for sending documents externally into one intuitive solution.


Qwilr wants to help you create the perfect proposal, pitch, sales quote, and more.  Their document design and automation tool allow you to create interactive, beautiful and mobile-responsive pages that help you stand out from the usual stale and static document crowd. Couple this with intelligent tracking, automation, and integrations you'll stand out for your prospects and land those sales. 

R2 Docuo

R2 Docuo is an exclusive service for companies and organisations, with servers in the European Union that strictly complies with GDPR. Combining R2 Docuo with Office 365 helps reduce manual document creation, classification, exchange and signing tasks by up to 70%. Have contracts signed in minutes and automate corporate legal workflows and resolve subject rights requests 5 times faster through workflow automation.