Secureworks: Combining Social Engineering Attacks in a Cyber Kill Chain

Published on
16/05/2022 03:14 PM

When it comes to cybercrime and cybersecurity threats, social engineering attacks are unique in the way that they rely on human error versus software and operating system vulnerabilities. 

This is because as technological defenses become more and more robust, cybercriminals are increasingly targeting the weakest link in the chain: people. 

Using a variety of means both online and offline, unsuspecting users can be conned into compromising their security, releasing sensitive information or even transferring money. 

Secureworks Adversary Group, a security consulting department within Secureworks, walk-us through various social engineering scenarios used during their attack simulations.

Social engineering attacks rely on human error versus software and operating system weakpoints

In the third episode of this three-part podcast with Secureworks, our host Dr Eric Cole the Founder and CEO of Secure Anchor Consulting will be talking with Ben Jacob, Technical Lead at Secureworks, about: 

  • Social engineering attack techniques and their lifecycle
  • How phishing, vishing, and spear-phishing impact industries from a social engineering standpoint
  • What can companies offer from a training and education standpoint to help mitigate these risks
  • Value of XDR in detecting suspicious user behaviour

Meet the panel