Tech Chat: Women in Cybersecurity Awards Preview


Episode 26 – Women in Cybersecurity Awards Preview
In this episode of Tech Chat, the team meet with some of those involved in the inaugural Women in Cybersecurity Awards, due to take place in October. Launched by NTT Security in partnership with Global Digital Women, the event aims to shine a spotlight on women in the industry. As well as this, the event is part of an ongoing initiative to close the gender gap.

Firstly, we were introduced to Judit Gulacsi, Senior Associate Consultant at NTT Security and one of the event's role models. Judit told us about what inspired her to join the field, as well as the challenges she has faced. Furthermore, Judit explains how organisations could encourage women to join cybersecurity. Then, we spoke with Azeem Aleem, VP of Cyber Security Consulting at Global NTT, who elaborated on the initiative. Finally, we met with Sarah Wood, Client Partner and Head of Women's Business Network. Sarah shared her interesting observations of the gender gap during her career with us.