Top 5 Essential Tools for Startups

Top 5 Essential Tools for Startups


As much as the modern day has brought many new opportunities, it has also created new challenges. Creating a startup in 2021 means spending time assessing what these challenges are and what your solutions will be. 

In this episode of Emerge5, we talk about the five key essential tools that are saving startups in 2021. Be sure to check out the video for an exclusive interview with our number one spot and for more educational content like this, don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.


This exciting work management platform is currently being used by millions of organisations across the globe. Its ability to be integrated with Slack, Gmail, Facebook and Salesforce just to name a handful means that every element of your project is unified into one slick database. Using automation to personalise notifications, organise your leads and much more, Asana has endless possibilities. Be sure to check out the video for an exclusive interview with Simon O'Kane, Head of EMEA at Asana.


We all know the pain of losing important information through emails, and we also know that miscommunications can happen when talking over the phone. That’s why Slack is one of the most important tools for startups today. Working in a similar way to instant messaging tools, Slack allows you to build channels for different projects, share files, call colleagues, all while encrypting data to keep your work safe and secure. 


An area that’s all too often overlooked when creating a startup is communication with your clients. Freshdesk simplifies this through omnichannel, bots and self-service solutions, allowing customers to get answers to their queries in seconds. This saves startups time as they no longer have to worry about responding to thousands of emails a day; you can now prioritise tickets, set deadlines and automate your workflows through a more convenient system. 


Ever attempted to manage customer relations through email? If you have, you will know the headaches it causes. This is where Hubspot comes in handy. Every time you go to compose an email, Hubspot gives you a sidebar of information about the person you’re writing to, and keeps track of all of your records with that correspondent, compiling it into one database. They say that data is the new oil, and with Hubspot CRM managing that data for you, you’re sure to be ahead of the curve. 


Who knows startups like startups? Mimecast is a cybersecurity startup that blocks ransomware, protects from harmful information, and now protects your data through their sync and recover system. Archiving everything within your business, this smart tool provides an incredibly transparent end-user experience.