Top 10 Testing Tools for 2022

Published on
07/03/2022 04:07 PM

testing tools have become an essential part of ensuring the security of an application, website, or computer system. Through testing, companies can simulate cyber attacks against their own systems to check for vulnerabilities criminals may be able to exploit. In the context of web application security, testing can also help to augment web application firewalls. 

As testing popularity continues to grow, more tools are continuing to emerge on the market to help companies examine the security of their technology. Today, we’re going to be looking at some of the most effective testing solutions you can try for 2022.


Considered one of the most popular and effective network protocol analysers in the world, Wireshark is capable of showing which systems and protocols are live in a network, which accounts are most active, and when attackers are trying to intercept sensitive data.

Wireshark provides business leaders with a comprehensive insight into what’s happening in their network at a microscopic level, making it possible to inspect all kinds of protocols. You can also access live capture, offline analysis, and rich VoIP analytics all in the same place.

John the Ripper

Perhaps the best-known password cracking technology on the market, John the Ripper, focuses on finding weak passwords within a given system to expose them. This technology for business leaders aims to determine where weak credentials may be leading to vulnerabilities in their ecosystem. You can use the pen-testing tool for both compliance and security purposes.

Because the environment is open source, the technology is available for anyone to use and works on a variety of operating systems. The solution has recently been updated to include “Pro” and “Jumbo” versions, with additional insights. 


The Network mapper, or “NMAP”, is a popular tool for exploring target systems or networks. The solution comes with a great deal of built-in knowledge to leverage in the form of a host of different scan types. The various scans are designed to help companies discover all kinds of vulnerabilities in their networks so that they can implement stronger security strategies. 

Balancing a combination of configurability and usability, Nmap has remained a popular choice for a number of years among open-source software users. However, a simpler version of the technology (Zenmap) is also available for beginners. 


Nessus by Tenable is one of the few commercial penetration testing tools on the market today, available under a range of licensing models. Ideal for companies who aren’t comfortable using open-source software, Nessus allows companies to scan the entire target machine, identifying running services, and providing a comprehensive list of detected vulnerabilities.
The Nessus technology is particularly compelling because of how easy it is to leverage and use. Each scan provides penetration testers with guidance on how to repair the potential vulnerability issues so that you can take action fast.


Advertised as the world's "most-used" penetration testing framework, Metasploit started life as an open-source community project. Today's solution helps security teams verify vulnerabilities, improve security awareness, and manage comprehensive assessments. 

With plenty of guidance on the Metasploit website for beginners, it's easy to develop a deeper understanding of your security strategy and pinpoint any potential vulnerabilities. Users can scan for issues, exploit unknown vulnerabilities, and collect important evidence for auditing purposes within this environment. 


A fully-automated and easy-to-use solution for testing application and website vulnerabilities, Acutenix can detect and report on more than 4500 vulnerabilities, including all kinds of XSS and SQL injection. The Acunetix technology is ideal for automating some of the penetration testing processes a professional would have to go through to track all the issues within a network.

Acunetix is also a highly flexible solution, supporting HTML5, JavaScript, CMS systems, and single-page applications. There’s also a wide range of advanced manual tools and integrations with issue trackers for penetration testers.

Burp Suite

Burp Suite is the ultimate go-to tool for penetration testing web applications for many brands. Incorporating full Proxy capturing and command injection opportunities, Burp Suite comes with everything businesses need to generate deeper insights into their systems. The Burp Suite UI is also fully optimised to streamline your workflows.
You can save configurations on a per-job basis and access tools that make it easy to automate and scale your web vulnerability scanning system too. There are tens of thousands of customers using the penetration testing ecosystem from Burp Suite today.

Combining the simplicity of a SaaS platform with a community of penetration testers, delivers real-time insights so companies can upgrade their security status quickly and effectively. With Cobalt, business users can launch penetration tests in a matter of days rather than spending weeks planning the entire process. 

The technology accelerates find-to-fix cycles through collaboration with professional penetration testers and integrates into your SDLC via GitHub and Jira. You can also access a comprehensive Cobalt API.

Kali Linux

Formerly known as the BlackTrack Linux penetration testing technology, Kali Linux is maintained by the OffSec corporation and is optimized in every way to ensure excellent penetration testing. While you can run the solution on its own hardware, most penetration testers use Kali virtual machines on Windows or OS X. 

Kali ships with all of the tools you’d expect from a leading pen-testing service, with a range of customization options so companies can build more advanced penetration testing strategies based on their individual needs. The technology also comes with extensive documentation, complete with recipes and tips to help you make the most of your investment.


SQLMap is a state-of-the-art SQL injection tool designed to automate the process of detecting and exploiting SQL injection flaws and accessing database servers. The SQLMap technology supports all of the usual targets in penetration testing, including Microsoft Access, Oracle, MSSQL, and many others. What’s more, it’s surprisingly straightforward for beginners. 

The powerful detection engine built into SQLMap, combined with the vast community of experts ready to help answer any questions you might have, makes the technology appealing to a wide range of companies. It remains to be one of the top tools for penetration testing today.