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Absolute brings a new approach to cybersecurity, by enabling self-healing endpoints that ensure uncompromised visibility and real-time remediation of breaches at the source.

Accedian is the leader in performance analytics, cybersecurity threat detection and end user experience solutions, dedicated to providing our customers with the ability to assure and secure their digital infrast

Adeptia is a software company that enables business users to create connections with customers and partners in minutes.

Aerospike is the leader in next-generation hyperscale data solutions.

Founded in 2016, Aiven provides open source database and stream processing systems as managed services in the public clouds. Customers can launch these services with a few button clicks in minutes.

Akeneo is a global leader in Product Experience Management (PXM) solutions that help merchants and brands deliver a compelling customer experience across all sales channels, including eCommerce, mobile, print, and retail points of sale.

Algorithmia invented the AI Layer. Our serverless infrastructure is custom built to host scalable AI models and advanced algorithms.

AlgoSec’s unique, business-driven approach to security management enables the world’s largest organizations to manage security based on what matters most — the applications that power their business.

Datawatch Corporation (NASDAQ-CM: DWCH) enables users to achieve extraordinary results with their data.

Alteryx is revolutionizing business through data science and analytics.

Anodot is an AI analytics platform that detects business incidents and forecasts future values faster than is humanly possible.

Anomali delivers earlier detection and identification of adversaries in your organizations network by making it possible to correlate tens of millions of threat indicators against your real time network activity logs and up to a year or more of fo

Founded in 2013, AnswerRocket is an augmented analytics platform that automates routine analysis normally performed by analysts.

We're on a mission to provide organizations throughout the universe with highly intelligent security that is affordable and simple to use.

Attivo Networks® provides an active defense for early threat detection, forensics, and automated incident response to in-network attacks.

Auth0 is the first identity management platform for application builders, and the only identity solution needed for custom-built applications.

Authentic8 transforms how organizations secure and control the use of the web with Silo, its patented cloud browser.

Automation Anywhere is the leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA). It provides a platform on whichorganizations build world-class Intelligent Digital Workforces.

Axonex are one of the fastest-growing technology companies in the UK.