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London, England, United Kingdom.

Informed Market Intelligence (IMI) is a full-service marketing and communications company with expertise in developing high-impact programs that drive measurable results across the entire spectrum of communications media. IMI’s management team has a decade of experience successfully leveraging the combined power of multiple marketing channels to create awareness, interest, and action.
Serving leading global organizations of all sizes and across all major industry verticals, IMI facilitates meaningful dialogue between solution providers and premier research firms to address business and technology challenges. IMI presents end users with solutions to their business challenges while delivering vendor organizations insight into the needs of their potential clients. By bringing together the foremost minds from the world's leading research firms into one single forum, IMI has established itself as a cutting-edge source of up-to-date and comprehensive industry trends and data available to the marketplace today.
IMI also utilizes a proven set of marketing solutions to help your organization generate more qualified sales leads by leveraging the impact of rich media communications with a systematic process that includes podcasting, webcasting, email campaigns, white papers, case studies, registration, real-time reporting, and other marketing capabilities. IMI’s lead-management engine provides better, more qualified sales leads to allow you more time to contact those leads instead of search for them. The lead-transferring tools make it fast and easy to move those leads into your sales-force automation (SFA) or customer-relationship management (CRM) systems.
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