Solidatus: Sharing Data Drastically Improves Your Data Plan


Establishing a robust data plan is a no brainer for companies today. With data invading every corner of the business sphere, leaders need to have a firm understanding of data types, location, usage, and, for security purposes, access and sharing. Global data compliance regulations have made data access and sharing a top priority when it comes to data management; risks of confidentiality and privacy breaches continue to remain high year on year. 

How are DataVisas transforming the enterprise data plan?

In this podcast, Susan Walsh, Founder and MD of The Classification Guru, speaks with Kate Platonova, Group CDO at HSBC, and Lorraine Waters, CDO at Solidatus, about how HSBC is modernising data sharing through their rollout of DataVisas. Kate and Lorraine explore the history of data sharing and how DataVisa is revolutionising the industry from a digital transformation, ROI, and automation perspective. The two also lend their expert advice on what organisations need to understand when allowing legal experts access to information in a single repository.