Demand Gen

Improve ROI with fully qualified & live leads

We take pride in our unique approach for creating customer demand for the world’s top tech companies and have the knowledge, experience and expertise to deliver leads that are highly targeted, live and fully verified. Our approach is based around our own tried and tested methods that guarantee results.

How does it work?

We build our campaigns around a bespoke content marketing strategy and are able to create and syndicate original and topical media content (whitepapers, videos, podcasts) directly to your chosen audience via our content-driven email campaigns and telemarketing.

1 – Build contact list

Our live global contacts database includes over 4 million B2B professionals covering a wide range of industry sectors, and our specialist software tools allow us to filter contacts to a refined list that closely matches your chosen audience.

2 – Content syndication

We then reach out to the individuals on the list via our content syndication program using email campaigns and telemarketing – based on your content, or the content we have created for you.

3 – Leads delivery

You receive the list of prospects that have shown interest in your content for a appointment setting and to complete the sales journey.

What makes us different?

Content creation

Our close relationships with thought leaders and tech experts give us a major advantage and help the process of content creation target IT decision makers, and get them to pay attention to the media we create.

Content syndication

Our experience in both content creation and demand generation give us an advantage when it comes to ensuring fully qualified leads with minimum rejection.

What’s our secret?

Our process encourages engagement and participation from only highly targeted prospects that have indicated they are interested in receiving content from us, and due to our efforts maintaining these important relationships, we can guarantee genuine qualified leads, either MQL, SQL or Appointment Set.


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