Media Production

At EM360° our integrated campaigns include many content types, and our approach will ensure your message gets across. Whether your campaign needs a piece of written communication or your message is better encapsulated with video or audio, we have the skills to create content across multiple channels.


Video Production

Say it with a video, hard to beat!

By nature we are attracted to motion, sound and human faces; therefore video can be the most efficient way of communicating and establishing rapport with your audience.

EM360° create a wide range of high-quality video content to support your marketing mix. You can use video to entice new customers, fortify existing relationships or attract new talent, to name a few examples.

Our process can be explained in 3 steps:

Step 1 – Focus

Select the video type:


Establish who you are…


Become a trusted source…


Flaunt your product…


Let the results speak…


Attract the right people…

Step 2 – Capture

Choose how it will be filmed:


Often the most cost-effective way to capture footage is for us to come to you.

We can film your thought leader in their native environment, interview your employees, or capture your product in action at an event where you have already spent money dressing up to present your business to the world.


So your Tech Evangelist is bouncing all over the globe and they won’t come in to do a thought leadership video… well thank Tim Berners-Lee! We can interview them anywhere in the world via Skype and use that footage to make your video. Adding extra visual effects and animation can also help to grab and maintain your audience’s attention.

Step 3 – The Edit

Let us put it together:


Once we have all the ingredients, then it’s time to get in the kitchen to cook up your video. We edit your video to a professional standard, including colour-grading footage, fine-tuning audio and adding graphics and music where necessary.


Upon receiving the first proof, if something’s not working the way you wanted, we can have up to two rounds of revisions to make sure that you are totally happy with the final product.

Once we’ve honed in on the focus of your video, we consider your budget, goals, and target audience to find a video solution that works for you.

We then design a unique video that meets your needs and arrange to procure and create all the necessary visuals, audio and graphics to illustrate your key message.

Thinking outside the box – Of course we understand that sometimes there can be crossover between these options, so we will talk to you and listen until we really get it.

Perhaps you need to break your message into more easily digestible bite-size pieces, and want to do a video series. We can save you time and money by recording a series of videos that hone in on a linked narrative.

Visit our video homepage to see some examples:

What’s the payoff for online video?

Viewers find video content helpful in making buying decisions

Executives watch work-related videos on business websites at least once a week

Senior executives rather watch a video than read text

Report that they contacted a vendor after seeing an online video

Source: marketingsherpa



Webcast your message

Based upon your content marketing strategy, we will help you to determine a topic that will draw the right crowd and complement your marketing message with industry thought leadership.

EM360°Tech create a wide range of high-quality video content to support your marketing mix. You can use video to entice new customers, fortify existing relationships or attract new talent.

Hosted Webinar

• EM360° hosts the webinar on our website

• We help you to identify an appropriate EM360 associate analyst to take part and raise the pre-agreed questions

Program options

• We set the agenda within agreed timeframe then feature Q&A

• We will host the program and introduce the analyst who gives the presentation then we give you the floor for a designated time

Audience Generation

• EM360° can gather a pre-agreed audience number to take part in the webinar, making sure the participant criteria is in line with your target audience

• You tell us your audience and we endeavour to get particpants to engage and join the webinar from a range of international regions

The webinar process:

  • Content Form

  • Planning

  • Test

  • Live Webinar

  • Reporting



Broadcasting to CxO’s and IT Professionals

“The best and brightest influencers already know that podcasts are the wave of the future”.

Where blogs and video have their place, the podcast is quickly becoming an ideal format for delivering messages about products or services or getting an experts opinion on important issues, where adverts are ignored, podcasts are informative and engage the listener in their leisure time such as on the commute or in a coffee shop.


• Compiled with 150/300 words
• Hosted on EM360tech
• Social media distribution

Head to Head

• Real-life cases debated
• Solutions offered
• Approx 15 mins duration
• Key industry thought-leader

Zoom In

• Interview with the boss
• Profile on the business
• Summary of company results
• Future of the company

Podcast Series

• Real-life cases debated
• Solutions offered
• Approx 15 mins duration
• Key industry thought-leader

Roundtable Discussion

Radio Programme + Podcast

What is it?

A roundtable discussion is typically a conversation between an analyst and an end-user to discover real-world problems.
We invite up to two companies into each recording to offer thoughts and solutions. These recordings get turned into a 45 minute programme which gets distributed on EM360 Tech Radio and Podcast channels.

Key Benefits:

• High engagement rates
• Subtle way to deliver messages to audiences
• 45 minutes in length fits into a listeners commute
• 40% of people who listen to podcasts will ether research or trial the products mentioned
• If someone likes one episode, there is a 98% chance they’ll listen to the next episode


A simple 3 step process:


• We will schedule a 30 minute consultation to ensure your messages are encapsulated into one powerful podcast or series.
• All questions will be sent to the client prior to the recording
• You will have a head-to-head with the analyst


• Recording will take no longer than 1 hour of your thought-leader’s time
• Meet up on a VOIP platform
• All you need is external microphone, headphones and a quiet location
• Post-recording and editing process will be typically completed in 3 working days
• All recordings will be approved by the client before release and distribution



and other online networks we broadcast to:


EM360 Tech Radio

EM360°Tech radio broadcasts 24/7 to a large following of IT Professionals across the globe. We use the channel to stream many of our own podcasts and shows where you will find discussion and solutions to the issues of today in tech that are at the forefront of CXO’s minds.


Interactive Content

Create unique experiences

Virtually any piece of content can be made into a unique interactive experience and benefit from the enhanced level of communication in delivering your message, wether it’s an interactive version of a whitepaper, or flashy landing page for your product launch. We will be happy to talk you through planning, production and launch.


Interactive whitepapers are becoming more popular and offer a great way of increasing engagement


eLearning can improve delivery of complex knowledge and offer a great way to educate online


Interactive reports are proven to be more effective and engaging than traditional static documents

Landing pages

Landing pages can be used to target markets with different messages for the same product/service


A microsite offers many options for hosting multiple content items in one area for any product/service

Product demo

Software or hardware can benefit from an online/ interactive video demo to showcase the product


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