Will Ripple Payment Protocol be Able to Reach $100 in Five Years?



The gross settlement system, open developer platform, remittance network, and currency exchange Ripple Payment Protocol is probably the only enterprise blockchain firm with its products in commercial use today. It is the United States-based technology company digital asset of which is called XRP.

In recent times, there have been several heated debates over whether or not ‘ripple 100 dollars', ‘XRP $100', ‘ripple $100', be ever true. Well, different people in the crypto community have different views and data statistics to provide in the debate supporting their points.

The future value of Ripple can definitely not be defined as of now, but in this article, we are going to focus on the facts related to the payment protocol that will enlighten the readers about the expected journey of XRP to $100.

Facts Supporting Ripple Payment Protocol Will Reach $100

Firstly, it is expected that XRP will manage to reach the $100 mark because of the latest move from Ripple. They have locked up about 55 billion XRP in escrow and are planning to sell them at regularly increasing prices all through the years at MRP for the banks and financial institutions to utilize it with their RippleNet global payment system.

However, if this happens and the plan is executed, then billions of XRP coins will be held by the banks in order to transfer funds and they won't be made available for purchase to individual investors.

Another good reason behind the belief in Ripple touching the $100 mark is that the payment protocol will eventually grow big enough that it won't fail. In addition to this, XRP is supposedly going to be the international currency that will be held by banks worldwide.

Ripple Payment protocol is already an established firm that consists of over 200 employees in it and is already in business terms with the American Express and Japanese Banks.

The holdings of XRP in billions by the banks will only be contributing to raising the price of it. Moreover, if the business fundamentals of Ripple stay strong, then it would definitely attract investments from Wall Street Investors.

Currently standing at a price of $0.45, the journey of XRP has just begun, and it has just started its first-ever real-world use with Japanese banks. 

Facts Opposing The Belief of XRP Touching The $100 Mark

We should not ignore the fact that Ripple has a tremendous amount of XRP coins supply which counts to 100,000,000,000. The price of an individual coin can be obtained by dividing the market capitalization by the circulating supply of the coin.

As for the calculation, they are as follows:

Value of one XRP coin = $0.45

Market capitalisation = $20,460,511,114

Circulating supply = 45,467,802,475

This data indicates that for XRP to reach $100, the market capitalization of it should be at least a hundred times. Keeping in mind the competition in the market out there, achieving this much gain is quite difficult for Ripple Payment Protocol.

Moreover, Ripple is not an extractable coin, it is a transaction coin that facilitates the payments between the financial institutions. Thus, not being a coin just for individual investors and people and serving a completely dissimilar purpose, it is highly unlikely for it to gain so much appreciation and action from the masses.

In addition to this, Ripple is more of an innovation venture and not the next bitcoin that has the potential to multiply your initial investment.


Highlighting the advantages of the digital asset of Ripple Payment Protocol over Bitcoin, Crypto Whale, a popular crypto analyst mentioned some points, they are:

XRP is 1000x faster than BTC as it just takes 3-4 seconds for executing transactions and there is a huge difference in their prices, XRP is a thousand times cheaper.

Additionally, experts criticize Bitcoin as it is not environment-friendly, while on the other side, Ripple doesn't require mining, and it is definitely more scalable.


A poll that included over 1,000 participants and was focused on the XRP community released data stating that about 43% of the total participants said that they are planning to sell their XRP holdings at a target of $100. 39% of the total participants are waiting to sell XRP somewhere between $10 to $50, while 18% of people said that they will sell their XRP holdings between $3 and $10.

Numerous debates and various polls have been conducted and in accordance with a poll, it was revealed that about 78% of the total participants involved in the poll believe that XRP will be providing the investors with the best returns.


So despite the calculations revealing the inability of Ripple Payment protocol to reach the $100 mark, the market is quite positive about the expected gains in the transaction coin. However, factors like being an environment-friendly coin, fast transaction speeds, scalability, and comparatively low price, will definitely play a helping hand.