E-commerce is now present everywhere. The benefits of e-commerce sites are now an integral part of modern businesses. Did you know that global e-commerce sales exceed 1.5 trillion euros? How has this sector convinced many companies to dive in just 20 years? This is because of the many advantages!

The advantages of an e-commerce site

Open 24/7

Having a store opened 24*7 is certainly the main advantage of e-commerce. You don't need to have someone present for the e-commerce site to sell. Orders can drop at any time of the day or night. Every e-merchant remembers the first morning we woke up, and the order magically showed up in the back office.

Of course, stores that are open all day are a big plus, but they have some drawbacks. In order to respond quickly to customers on social networks and email, it needs to be very accessible.

Your product looks all over the world.

The list of benefits of e-commerce sites can be cited for overall visibility. In theory, your product can be purchased by any internet user in the world. In short, like everyone, e-commerce sites require an investment to sell themselves worldwide. With these investments, you will be able to sell from your chosen city anywhere in the world. Advantages still compared to traditional shops limited to local catchment areas.

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Virality of information

Information is quickly distributed on the Internet, which is a tremendous advantage for commerce. Your e-commerce site can definitely benefit from it. Did you get a good promotion? Do not hesitate to share social networking topics with groups that specialize in them. Is your product at the top of the rankings and attracting your customers? Encourage them to talk about it and spread the word to benefit from their network.

Again, this is an advantage of e-commerce sites, but it doesn't happen automatically. You need to provide your customers with the right deals and build a community. The more original your product is and the more your customers appreciate it, the more virality will benefit you!

The data

In e-commerce, everyone is crazy about "data." This is another significant advantage of e-commerce sites over regular stores. You can collect a wealth of information about Internet users. Yes, even with the GDPR. But be careful; gathering information needs to collect not only everything but also serve real business purposes.

However, you can use the data to optimize your e-commerce shopping trips, for example, to increase conversion rates.

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To open a physical store, you need to choose the right place. It's different in e-commerce. Traffic can be purchased from Google, Facebook, or generated by email. The best part is that the number of visitors is limited only by your budget! You can come and challenge your competitors to take their traffic and shuffle your cards.

Older sites usually have little benefit from SEO, but SEO is only a small part of the site's traffic. This advantage for new entrants is also a disadvantage as it means more competitors.