Top 5 Employee Monitoring Apps 2021


Running an organization is a very tough task because there are several variables that need your attention. For example, you need to make sure about the active hours of the employees, how efficient they are, training of the new employees, rate of task completion, etc. But we can see the past years, that how much an employer had to work to track the employee's performance and active hours. 


Organizations need a reliable solution to run the business according to the plan. Well, the solution is a time tracker. If your salesman and drivers do not work properly, then you must track them during the active hours. Some advanced employee trackers allow the end-user to keep the track of the vehicle speed and provide the location history. Are you looking for the best employee monitoring software? 

Well, you are in the right place. 


Let me help you with the top 5 employee trackers 2021 (mobile-friendly and desktop). 


  1. Hubstaff
  2. TheWiSpy
  3. Timely 
  4. Tracking Time
  5. Time Werks



The new upgrade has brought the option of the clock in and clock out option. This geofencing time clock feature mark the time when the employee come and leave the duty. While measuring the productivity of an employee, this software sends the end-user screenshots. Hubstaff lets end-user to keep track of tasks and can follow the development level. Automatic payroll is also a great feature that Hubstaff has introduced. 



A time tracking tool for employees makes it on the 2nd rank on our top 5 employee tracker list 2021. It helps to track the location of the employees and count the active hours. It shows the team productivity and give a detailed report on the employee attendance. TheWiSpy allows you to spy on the work phones to find any suspicious activity and help the employer to learn about the whereabouts of the employees. 



An efficient app that tracks the time and calendar integration feature. An employer can set the project time in advanced and then employees can work on that project. Timely will provide the comparison of the time that is being taken by the employees and the estimated time by the employer. It is an efficient timesheet app which makes it on second rank in our top 5 employee trackers list. 

Tracking time:

An employee monitoring app manages the time of the task completion. Using the time tracking, you can learn about the productivity of your employees and how much time they spend on their projects. If any employee wastes the time, then an employer can take notice by checking all the in-depth time reporting with the help of time tracking (time management tool).


It is a time tracking app which provide you a chance to keep the track of the employee's hours. All you need is to add the required details of your employee to create the profiles to monitor their activities. As comparison to our other tracking tools, Timewerks does not provide an in-depth detail. 


Final Thoughts 


When you reward the employees by tracking the time accurately, then they will work harder. It will improve the productivity of your business. But make sure that you choose an efficient employee tracking tool

We have discussed the best 5 employee monitoring tools which can help you to track your employees. My suggestion is that you should tell the employee about the monitoring process. Because spying on employee device secretly is against the law and you can also monitor the only work devices. What are you waiting for?


Give any of the above employee tracking app a try and improve your business outcome!