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Solid Reasons Why You Should Do Retail Marketing



Retail marketing or Field Marketing refers to all the promotional, marketing, and sale-inducing activities carried out at the store level. From initiating free sampling for customers, running promotional offers, and demonstration of new products by trained field marketers, to taking feedback from customers, understanding their requirements, and consolidating the information acquired into actionable reports, all these in-store marketing activities are crucial to the performance of a brand or retail outlet. While companies primarily focus on conventional advertising, digital marketing, and other promotional activities outside the store, it is pivotal to accord equal focus on marketing efforts at the retail-store level to drive sales. Here are five solid reasons why all retail organizations, big or small, must pay attention to field retail marketing.

1. Enhances the Perception of your Brand

As a brand, your image depends on face-to-face engagement and direct interaction with your target market segment. Field marketing gives you the best opportunity to understand the needs of your prime customer base. With a team of efficient and well-trained In-Store product promoters across multiple stores, customers will become more aware of your products/services and why they should opt for you instead of your competitors. This first-hand interaction with customers on the field is a valuable image-building exercise for your brand.

2. Helps in Cross-Selling and Up-Selling

As part of the sales and promotional activities carried out by field marketers, an important aspect is the cross-selling and up-selling of products. For instance, if you have a fast-selling, popular product, you can bundle it with a not-so-effectively selling product as part of a promotional offer to help it gain wider exposure. Well-versed and charming brand representatives can also perform a significant role in up-selling or selling high-margin products to prospective customers.

3. Provides insightful data for improving marketing strategies

A specialized Retail Marketing team makes use of smartphones and tabs to key in real-time data. It employs advanced field marketing software to generate daily and periodic reports on category-wise products performance, sales trends, customer behaviour, store footfalls, conversion rates, brand performance and so on. The data acquired from Field Marketers is critical in steering the company's overall marketing efforts and standards operating procedures.

4. Field Marketing creates a wholesome customer experience

The best way to soar ahead of your competitors is to create an excellent customer experience. In-store promotions offer so many creative ways of engaging shoppers and transforming them into buyers. Consider a situation wherein you are about to launch an energy drink in a highly competitive market with many such drinks already performing well. What would be the best way to march ahead? A free sampling at big retail outlets with consistently good footfall will give your potential customers a real taste of your brand!

5. Identifying and Fixing In-Store Loopholes for Better Sales

There could be multiple reasons why your products are not selling well, from wrong placement and signage to unattractive pricing and packaging. Skilled field marketers will give you first-hand feedback on what and where the possible loopholes are and provide practical recommendations to fix these issues quickly.