Six Best Productivity Apps for Getting Things Done on time!


The use of mobile apps has increased in all sectors of life. We can see a great surge in the contribution of mobile apps both in the personal and professional lives of common people. The most exciting and useful feature of smartphones is apps installed in them. Today, thousands of ( [mobile app development companies] have worked on millions of amazing mobile apps to offer solutions to users. The blog entails some of the most helpful productivity apps in different categories that can help you get things done timely and efficiently. These apps will also help to stay organized throughout the project and the process.

<b>To-Do List App</b>

No productivity regime is complete without some way of jotting down the tasks you need to get done during the day and over the coming days and weeks. Some people are comfortable using notebooks, whiteboards, or bullet journals but for those who want to use mobile apps, the top pick for them is the Todoist app. Todoist works a lot better than other to-do list apps. It has perfect features and functionalities to improve your productivity. You can create different projects and divide them into separate categories. For instance, you can create categories like personal, groceries, and work. You can also create subcategories for these tasks. It is very easy to create and complete a task in Todoist. The app has a very easy and user-friendly interface, and this makes it their favorite. Further to this,
the app has Amazon Echo, Siri, and Alexa integrations. This helps users to get tasks into the system very easily and quickly.

<b>Calendar App</b>
The next on our list is a calendar app. The best app in the calendar app category is Google Calendar so far. Google calendar offers users to create separate calendars for each different area. Google calendar is feature-rich and is easily available on all platforms. With Google calendar, you know when you have to be at work and when you have to study and other tasks. It allows users to visually separate different sections of their tasks through different colors of boxes.

<b>Project Management App</b>

The third category is for Project Management App. a project management app is a great help when you are dealing with a team. Similarly, if you are working on a big project with different sections and parts that cannot be handled with a to-do list app, you can this app. The best app in this category is ClickUp. It has a lot of features and capabilities to create different levels of hierarchy. This can really help you, especially when you are running a company or leading a team project. You can add specific projects and lists to those projects. Also, you can add sub-tasks to the task lists. The app also allows you to assign tasks to multiple people to give a task to a group to complete together. You can also create task dependency within the assigned tasks list. While working on large projects, these features can really be helpful and create a sense of accountability and responsibility for each member.

<b>Note Taking App</b>
Evernote is an amazing app for taking notes, and barely there's any other app that defeats the features of this app. The way that this app organizes information is very practical and handy for managing your workflow. The app, however, doesn't support a markdown feature; it allows you to quickly get into a large amount of data. You can take pictures, scan a document, and set it to Evernote and share it with others. The app can search the images through the readable text on the image as well. The app also allows users to record their voice and set it to the app. The app is full of useful features that help you take notes on a daily basis.

<b>Habit Tracker App</b>

Habit tracker is an amazing app category in the productivity app list. A habit tracker app can help users take their work seriously and get things done on schedule. Habitica is an amazing habit tracker app. The app is a detailed habit tracking app which allows user to earn points and level up your character in the app. This is a game-based app where you get rewards on completing a task or building a habit.

<b>Writing App</b>
The next category for productivity app is the long-form writing mobile app. if you are that kind of person who loves to write short or long paragraphs and essays, you might want to consider the Scrivener app for serious writing. If you are considering writing a book or novel, this app can really help you. The app contains tons of fantastic features. Scrivener can make the writing process remarkably easy for you. It gives you an outline corkboard view that allows you to create different scenes and ideas. You can even reorder those ideas, move them, or send them to the trash. So, the app contributes well to the planning and brainstorming process. You can also split up your writing into sections and chapters by default in this app. The app also provides export options like you can export your writing into PDF, kindle File, or EPUB right from the app.