List of Fully-Funded Scholarships In The UK For 2021-2022


The United Kingdom is one of the first priorities for students that want to study abroad. Every year a huge number of students get admission to various universities of the UK either on self-basis, partial funding, or on fully-funded scholarships. Various universities in the UK search for competent students with leadership skills to groom and add more to their skills.

The universities you will find here in the UK are the top-ranked universities, and only competent and lucky students get the chance to study at these top-ranked universities. For many students supporting their educational expenses and other expenses become difficult, due to which they apply for various scholarships. These fully-funded scholarships support students from their travel expenses to the tuition fee. For the year 2021- 2022, a huge number of scholarships have been announced by various universities in the Uk. If you are a student looking to study abroad without worrying about your educational expenses, you must read this article.

Keep reading this article to get information on fully-funded scholarships available at UK universities for international students.

Top 6 fully-funded international scholarships for the year 2021-2022

Every year UK government, in collaboration with other institutions, offers a wide range of scholarships for national and international students. The number of students applying for fully-funded scholarships is increasing, thus increasing the competition. Only deserving and competent students get the chance to avail these scholarships.

Following are some of the prestigious fully-funded scholarships at various Uk universities that you must consider for your educational career.

  1. Chevening scholarship

Students that want to enroll in a full-time master's degree at UK universities can apply for a Chevening scholarship. It is a fully-funded scholarship providing facilities like stipend, accommodation, meal expenses, and visa expenses. Around 1650 scholarships were granted to international students in the previous years. In the current year, the application requirements are quite different from the previous ones due to COVID-19. You do not have to submit your English proficiency test results; seek the guidance of education consultants in Pakistan to get more details on application requirements. These consultancies will also help you in visa processes once you succeed in submitting your application.

  1. Rhodes scholarship

It is one of the oldest scholarships granted to international students.  Every year around 100 scholarships are granted to international students to study at Oxford University. Rhodes scholarship is only for postgraduate study for masters and Ph.D. levels. Rhodes scholarship is one of the most difficult scholarships to achieve, and only selective and competent students get the chance to secure this scholarship. The financial facilities you will get with this scholarship include airfare tickets, meal expenses, travel expenses, accommodation, and stiped.

  1. Gates Cambridge scholarship

Students that want to get admission to the Cambridge University must apply for gates Cambridge scholarship. It is a postgraduate scholarship offered to the students that want to enroll in master's and Ph.D. degrees at Cambridge UK. The number of scholarships available to an international student is very minimal, 90 every year. This minimum number of availability makes it one of the most competitive scholarships for international students. This scholarship is not specified for some subjects; Rather, you can get this scholarship for any of the available courses at the Cambridge University.

  1. Scotland's Saltire Scholarships

Scotland's saltire scholarship is available for those interested international students that want to broaden their experience and interests in Scotland. Those students possessing leadership skills and have interests outside the scope of their studies are highly preferable for this scholarship. This scholarship is available for students pursuing their master's degree in the following subjects.

  • Science and technology
  • Creative industry
  • Healthcare and medical sciences
  • Science and clean energy
  1. Nottingham Developing Solutions Scholarships

Students that are keen to bring development and innovation to their home country can get this scholarship. The Nottingham developing scholarships are granted to students that belong to developing countries or from commonwealth countries at Nottingham university. Students that want to pursue their master's degree can apply for this scholarship for the following faculties.

  • Engineering
  • Science and technology
  • Medicine and health science
  • Social sciences
  1. commonwealth scholarship

Commonwealth scholarship is granted to students from countries that are developing and fall under the commonwealth list. Students that possess high academic careers are preferable for this scholarship. You will get the scholarship based on your previous studies and achievements because the demand and competition for this scholarship are high. To ensure your selection for this scholarship and admission at any UK university, consult the top education consultants in Pakistan and increase the chances of your admissions at prestigious universities.

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Make The Right Choice of Scholarship For Your Future Studies!

The right type of scholarship and the right selection of the university is one of the initial steps to secure your admissions on international grounds.  If you are still confused with the selection of courses, universities, and scholarships, you can ask for the guidance and help of experts and education consultants. The decisions you make today will affect your future tomorrow.