Instagram Adds content publishing API & how to enable business accounts to schedule posts?


Instagram is both a verbal and nonverbal app. Which means you can communicate with your followers on Instagram either by sharing photos or by having a conversation through live rooms. The app is leading today's young generation, providing them with new perceptions and ideas daily, as the scope of its content is infinite. 


There are so many DIY tutorials on how to get things done the easy way without taking help from anyone. The social sites are educating networks, teaching a lot of mind-blowing things from makeup tutorials to doing wall graffiti. Isn't this new change brainstorming and mind-boggling? You need not institutionalized yourself in order to acquire any skills, and you can learn everything virtually from the comfort of your home.

Instagram is not just an app; which people join to entertain themselves anymore. Now people choose this app to promote their brands by reaching more people virtually without using any regular marketing medium or spectrum. 


More than 50 million businesses are working on the Instagram app, selling their products and services, communicating with the customers. The name says a lot about how effective Instagram is when it comes to doing word of mouth marketing or direct advertising using videos and photographs. 

What is API?     

The Instagram API stands for application program interface. This option enables users from other platforms to have access to Instagram accounts, where they can get the basic profile information. It is a type of software that allows two applications or parties to connect/synchronize. For example, if you want to choose any software that works with Google, you may require an API from Google to run .exe of the software either on your system or on a server. Your files will not execute without API because you first need a key to operate the software. 

Instagram changed their API settings back in 2018; they altered it from public API to graph API to tighten up the security measurements. The cause of this is to protect the data privacy of users.


 The biggest change is that now you need to have a business account to access the API and this step is compulsory. Some examples of Instagram API are Instagram analytics, which allows you to gather the input data and use it to make your assessment report about your ongoing marketing campaign. Another example is insights of Deep social,it enables you to have user access to personal information like location, religion, age, or language. You need to use API on the account to make business campaigns more authentic for the targeting audience. 


Access to personal and private data is not possible without it, and you must have a glimpse of all the basic insights. These insights help you hear your campaign toward the right path, allowing you to use the right tool for marketing, whether be changes in content or promotional offers. 

What does the Instagram API do? 

The Instagram API offers you a couple of authorized options, which are as follow: 

It lets you share Instagram pictures on your website to make people more engaged with your content. For example, if you have a personal photography or videography blog, you can synchronize it with Instagram to automatically share the data from Instagram to webpages. Doing so will save your time as well. You may not have to upload pictures or videos on the blog manually one by one. Your Instagram account is connected to the blog and everything you post will go live on your personal/business webpage. 

By API, you can easily read the analytics of your account by tracking down hashtags to see how it was performing. Suppose you are targeting customers of a certain category, country or region, you need to have access to the insights to make your own assessment reports surrounding the interests, likes, and dislikes of the audience.


 Without an analysis  report, you'd not be able to form up an effective marketing plan. Or even if you manage to do so, you would be able to figure out if the idea is working without going through how your audience is reacting to the content that you post daily.


Collecting data mentioned by the users regarding your brand helps you to make people more attentive towards you. You can make changes in the content that you make accordingly to attract more visitors to your promotion, product and services. 

To put it short, API makes you able to promote your brand in a better way by studying the uses' opinions and perspectives. 

Content publishing API: 

The most used API on Instagram is the content publishing API. With Instagram API business accounts can easily schedule their posts and develop campaigns very efficiently. This feature is only limited to business accounts, allowing them to schedule posts for the day or week to save their time. The limit of API is to publish 25 posts in a day but you can also add more posts by using the native Instagram app. The content publishing API, reinforces you in publishing and scheduling your content. 

Purpose of content publishing API on Instagram: 

The purpose of the Content publishing API on Instagram is to allow you schedule your Instagram posts. It helps tremendously in planning on the content that has to be posted on Instagram. In addition it keeps you a vivid idea on what will be best for your business plan or campaign. It enables you to build the type of content preferred by your target audience. By this feature, the business accounts can schedule their posts, track the performance, and reach out to their audience more effectively. 

How to enable business accounts to schedule posts: 

Scheduling posts means that you can plan your post by creating a schedule to upload the content on time without any kind of a mess. 

To enable a business account to schedule your posts, first, you have to change your account settings to a business account. Or that you have to follow the instructions below: 

  1. Log in to your Instagram account and go to the three-line icon at the top upper corner. 
  2. Go to your setting, then to account. 
  3. Tap switch to a professional account. Select business 
  4. Add information and tap done. 
  5. Ather switching to a business account, add it to your social media management platforms like Hootsuite or creator studio.  
  6. For instance, download creator studio. 
  7. Then connect the creator studio app with your Instagram account. Now the next step is the choice of content. 
  8. Select the photo or video you want to schedule, then you can also edit the post by using the creator studio apps. 
  9. Then you add captions to your post  
  10. Now you will select the option of “schedule” by tapping on the arrow at the right with the “publish” option.  
  11. The only thing left is to add the date and time settings.   
  12. The scheduling procedure is done. 


Content publishing API on Instagram lets you schedule your Instagram posts from your business account. It is a great way to save time and also to publish high-quality content ahead of time to engage more users. The feature gives you ample time to sort out your plans for your activity on Social media; instead of spending so much time on posting content every hour or so, you can put it into the draft to be posted automatically at a particular time of the day.