How Technology Is Shaping the Modern Classroom


Technology has impacted every sector in a positive way and education is no exception. Students can now use various gadgets to facilitate their learning. Plus, teachers can introduce devices like tablets, and smart boards so they may make lectures fun for their students. They can also make use of different digital tools to accomplish some specific learning objectives. Moreover, the availability of the internet in the classroom has also become a necessity. This is because it can let a teacher explain a concept better with the help of online videos. There are many other benefits of technology in the classroom. Let's now take a look at some of them

#1. Automates Everyday Tasks

One major benefit of using technology in the classroom is that it will allow you to save time. There are different applications that can allow teachers to take attendance. This will allow them not to do this task manually which would take a lot of time. For instance, teachers can install a tablet outside the classroom so that students can easily mark themselves present when they enter the door. Also, teachers can assign their students homework online.

#2. Allows Online Lesson Planning

The Internet is a great tool that connects everyone – teachers too! They can share different ideas and create teaching plans which other teachers may repurpose according to their own specific needs rather than starting from scratch. This also means that they can reuse ideas from their fellow educators. In addition, teachers can share and store the lessons on the cloud so that they can access them effortlessly from anywhere they like.

#3. Simplifies Grading

Has grading your students ever been a problem for you? If yes, then there is no need to fret as there are certain apps that can accurately interpret test answers, making it easier for you to know about a student's performance. There are some tools that even give a bird's eye view of a student's progress to teachers which help them identify the areas where they need improvement. The teacher can then try to work with the student to aid him in overcoming his/her shortcomings.

#4. Enables Fast Workflow

There are different cloud services such as Google Drive which makes it really simple for teachers to edit their student's assignment and grade it immediately. Also, it would save them from juggling papers. At the same time, it will minimize the risk of a teacher misplacing the assignment papers of their students. But that's not all! Such tools can also allow students to collaborate on school projects as well. This creates a much faster workflow between students and teachers.

#5. Makes It Easier to Meet State Standards

There are lesson planning tools that feature Common Core standards that assist teachers in figuring out if the test they made is meeting the state standards. Plus, there are lesson plan ideas available on the web along with the templates that fulfill the specific standards for grades that teachers can use. They can also make use of lesson planning applications which will greatly facilitate them in creating the roadmap for students.

#6. Maximizes Schools Safety

Another important benefit of having technology in the classroom is that it maximizes school safety. How? Well, there could be safety features installed in every classroom which can allow teachers and administrators to lock the doors instantly in case of a threatening and serious situation. Moreover, they can even send emergency announcements with just a simple push of a button. What's more? Teachers can use automated text alerts and emails to communicate with parents instantaneously. In addition, important notifications such as school closings or weather delays can be sent efficiently without any delays with the help of technology.

#7. Makes Learning Fun

Technology can make learning fun. Teachers can use simulation software to teach students about different topics such as how dinosaurs lived, and how a tornado is formed. Along with the simulation tools, teachers can also use modeling software to show their students more dynamic characteristics of models.


Technology has no doubt changed the education sector for the better. It has benefited both teachers and students a great deal, helping them with their respective tasks. But for all the handy apps and tools to work that can assist you in teaching, you will need access to a good internet connection. I realized how important the internet is going to be for my children to complete their online assignments. This is why I opted for the Ultra Spectrum deals without giving it a second thought. You too may want to switch your ISP if it is not delivering you the promised speed.