Consider a Fake Call or Spoof App for Your Prank Calls


Due to an ever-growing reliance on digital technology, playing pranks has become less commonplace. While prank calling has always been a great way to pass the time, they a;sp pose a security risk.

Accidentally mentioning personal details or exposing your caller ID may have legal repercussions. And with lawsuits occurring over practically anything, prank calling just isn't worth the risk.

However, since the spoof app was introduced, prank calls have made a marvelous comeback. So what are spoof apps? A spoof app enables users to make calls while ensuring their identity is completely anonymous.

Similarly, Fake Call apps are also popular, letting a person arrange bogus incoming calls.

Below are the top fake call and spoofing apps in 2021.

Apps that Send Prerecorded Calls

These spoof apps send automated prerecorded calls to your targets, instigating hilarious reactions. Apps are highly convenient, practically making prank calls for users while they tune in live. Each prerecording provides a fun, unique scenario - an irritated cab driver arriving too early or a neighbor's noise complaint.

In addition to delivering funny prank calls, users enjoy full anonymity throughout. Typically the app uses a third-party service to represent your caller ID. Just as importantly, calls are achieved online, taking your phone company out of the equation. Below are a few of our favourite spoof apps:


Like their prank call youtube channel, the OwnagePranks spoof app excels in delivering smartly scripted prank calls. Many of the same characters are also featured, like Buk Lau and Tyronne Biggums.

This spoofing app boasts among the best voice acting today, and script creativity is second to none. Because of this, expect some memorable and downright unusual interactions! Prerecordings include the following:

Embarrassing Pharmacy Order - Your three-month prescription of genital warts cream is available for collection. But don't be embarrassed, as genital warts have supposedly made a massive comeback.

Give me Your Wifi Password - Your 'neighbor' Rakeesh asks for your Wifi details to start his workday. He will then continue to claim he works in IT and can hack your computer if you refuse.


This spoofing app is known for its great app design and user experience. PrankCaller is also packed with over 150 prerecordings, perfectly capable of fooling even your most skeptical friends. After finalizing your call, save the file and submit to their website. The very best prank calls from their users are featured, so submit yours today! Here are some prerecordings you can try:

You Got the Drugs - A scary drug dealer will claim to arrive at your location in ten minutes for a drug exchange. He will then insist you have the drugs on you.

Secret Crush - A random and creepy stranger will claim to have a secret crush on you. While he doesn't appreciate the way you walk, he loves how you giggle and your hair falls!

Fake Calling Apps

These app types are particularly beneficial in everyday life. A fake call app lets users arrange fake incoming calls. And once answered, you can fabricate any prank scenario you wish. Typically fake calling apps let users relieve themselves from boring situations, i.e. a lousy dinner date or awkward hangout.

So how do you make one? While UI is different across the board among apps, creating an incoming call is practically identical. Set up the bogus call by choosing the exact time you want it to ring and click send. Here are two great fake call apps today:

Fake Call

Perhaps the most sought-after app for fake calling, Fake call boasts over 500,000 downloads. Known for its simplicity, it gets straight to the point in making calls. To use, click call now to activate a prank call. A timer is also available, letting users schedule their pranks at specific times. Users can also assign bogus identities to their contacts, including a name, number and caller picture.

Fake Call and SMS

A popular entry for fake calling apps, Fake Call and SMS lets you send incoming calls and text messages. Users can alter SMS content prior, so you'll know what to expect once after receiving your message. Incoming calls and texts let you escape tight situations, as they provide a valid excuse that isn't suspicious. Users will also be able to tamper with their inbox, draft box and error mailbox.