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Best upcoming features in Tableau 2021




Want to know all about the best upcoming features in Tableau this year? Here, we have gathered all the information about the new features that tableau has to offer in 2021.IF You want to Learn Tableau One of the best Platform or websites is TakeThisCourse.Net.You must look into Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam Questions before appearing for a real exam. 

New Tableau features 2021:

Tableau comes with many new features this year and the details of all the new features are given below.

Einstein discovery in tableau:

The Einstein discovery in tableau brings all its users trusted and intuitive predictions and recommendations from Einstein discovery across your organization.


Einstein discovery dashboard extension:

You can now enjoy on-demand and interpretable ML predictions from Einstein discovery natively integrated with tableau dashboards.


Einstein in tableau calcs:

You can now feed your tableau analytics with dynamic predictive intelligence and then connect Einstein predictions directly into all the tableau calculated fields.

Quick LODs:

Similarly, you can easily create the level of detail expressions more easily in tableau. This is done by using context menus or drag-and-drop a measure onto dimensions to create a level of detail expression automatically with default aggregation.

Unified notification experience:

Easily manage all of your notifications in the very effective and newly redesigned notification center within the Tableau server and online.


Microsoft azure connectivity improvements:

Tableau now lets you connect to your data in the Azure SQL database and Azure data lake Gen 2.

In-product extension:

With the help of the in-product extension gallery, now all of your connectors and extensions are just a simple click away.

Customer 360 audience connector with Tableau:

Now you can discover insights from your detailed customer data by connecting tableau to customer 360 audiences.

Ask data improvements:

Through the new ask data help center, you get access to all onboarding and administrative information.

Web authoring on tableau public (beta):

You can easily create a variety of new visualizations on Tableau public right from a browser.

New dashboard extensions on tableau public:

New dashboard extensions on tableau public include,

  • Parameter actions.
  • Data updater.
  • Data-driven parameters.
  • Semiotic hierarchy.


Headers and axes improvements:

Ready to take advantage of new improvements in displaying headers and axes in Tableau desktop, server, and online as well?

KMZ spatial file support:

Tableau has made spatial analysis with KML files easier within your workflow. With that, you can also connect directly to KMZ files.

Snowflake spatial support:

Tableau's spatial database connections have been expanded to make solving location-based questions easier and efficient than ever.

Web authoring improvements:

Now enjoy expanded different formatting options while you create and edit dashboards on the web. With that, you can also format filters, parameters, and legends directly onto your browser.

Device designer for web authoring:

Tableau also lets you design specific dashboards within the browser. You can easily add, edit, and customize all your dashboard's layouts and create a design optimized for the best viewing experience on your phone, tablet, or even desktop.

JDBC for SAP HANA connections on Windows:

When you connect to SAP HANA databases from tableau products on windows platforms, it will now use a JDBC driver by default rather than using an ODBC driver.

Write to excel in tableau prep:

Tableau Prep has expanded all its output capabilities to include the ability to write to MS Excel.


Automated data quality warnings:

All the data quality warnings are going to be created automatically based upon extract refresh and tableau prep flow run failures. It is so that freshness is communicated without facing any manual effort.

Tableau catalog search improvements:

Improvements have been made in the search for a table or a database where you can see the most relevant results returned. With that, matches by name are now ranked higher than the matches by columns.

Metrics improvements:

Through metrics improvements, you can now see all the metrics on a viz by opening the metrics panel when viewing a dashboard.

Licensing improvements:

The licensing improvements include a new product activation method and zero downtime licensing.

Tableau server management improvements:

The tableau server management improvements include support for azure key vault for tableau server and resource monitoring tool (RMT) search ad filter.


These features are going to enhance your experience of using tableau. So read all about the new tableau features here and never stop learning.