Agile Testing for Security Purposes


How do software testing companies work? What processes do they follow? Does my independent software testing company follow a process? These are some of the many questions that a software company wonders about every now and then. However, most of them do not get satisfactory answers and decide to quit using testing services not knowing the importance of them. This puts them at a greater risk.

Over the years, this industry has been working tirelessly to introduce better and efficient processes and testing techniques. However, Agile has been the best testing strategy so far. We know you would love to know more about it so we have gathered details for you.

What is an Agile Testing Process?

Agile Testing is a testing practice mapping the concept of agile software development. What makes it favorable is that it can begin right at the start of the project and can proceed with continuous integration between development and testing. However, it can only be executed after the coding phase has begun editing of the code make.

What Makes Agile Testing Trendy?

Although there are dozens of software testing strategies and techniques present the majority of the testers prefer agile testing. There are many reasons that make every independent software testing company go for this option so we have compiled a few reasons for you.

Saves Time and Money

Since agile testing is working as you are writing down code, every bug gets fixed as soon as it is discovered. This reduces the chances of them being discovered at later stages so it saves you lots of time. Also, since a bug does not stay hidden for a long time, it does not get the chance to affect all of the processes costing you less money.

Reduced Documentation

As you keep fixing bugs on the way, you do not have to worry about finding lots of them in the end. This liberates you to start documenting soon. Hence, the load of documentation is reduced so you can focus on other things.

Better Collaboration and Communication

Adopting this testing strategy promotes collaboration and communication between different departments and teams especially development and testing teams. This ensures the prevention of issues, avoiding glitches, and save time for all teams.

Best Quality Results

Consistent validation and editing of the code make it perfect. Testers keep checking code for errors so it increases productivity hence, the best quality of results is produced.

Great Feedback and Reviews

When the end results are great and users are satisfied, great and awesome feedbacks are guaranteed. Agile methods keep customers and users engage from the very beginning so their feedback can be added for satisfactory results.


Agile testing has been around for a long time and even after the invention of some more testing techniques, none has managed to replace it. You can see every software testing company using this strategy and getting amazing results. This welcomes other new and old software companies to adopt agile testing. Now, that you know everything about it what testing technique would you prefer to adopt?