6 Ways To Boost Your E-commerce Business Through SMS Marketing


The e-commerce industry is booming right now, largely as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. With many non-essential retailers and service providers forced to close, many turned to the internet to continue making sales. 


Whilst this was a great way to encourage sales and ensure consumers could still get the goods they needed despite the pandemic, it has changed consumer behaviours for good.


Not only are people favouring e-commerce and click and collect options more than in-store shopping, but they are also more aware and selective of the brands they're buying from. Shopping local and using small businesses has become preferable to many. 


This means you need to focus on your branding if you hope to win their trust and boost your sales. 


One way to do this is by embracing the power of SMS marketing. 


Below, we're going to look at why SMS marketing can be so beneficial and how you can use this to boost sales in your e-commerce business. 


The benefits of SMS marketing 


SMS marketing has a variety of benefits for both consumers and businesses. If you haven't put much thought into how this type of marketing can help your e-commerce business before, here are just some of the key benefits:


  • Consumers are hooked on their mobile phones 
  • Many people check their messages more frequently than their emails 
  • Text messages are quick to read
  • SMS marketing can help you to reach a wider audience as more people use SMS than email 
  • Text messages deliver faster than emails 
  • You can boost customer engagement through messages 
  • SMS is a simple and effective way to update and engage with consumers


How SMS marketing can boost your e-commerce business 


There are several important ways you can use SMS marketing to your advantage. Although this list is not exhaustive, below we've pulled together six of the best ways to do this:

1. Send post-sale order updates 


One of the most basic but most appreciated ways to use SMS is to send a follow-up message after someone has made a purchase or to confirm an appointment with your business if you run a service-based company (such as a hairdresser). 


This way, you can confirm their order or appointment and thank them for choosing your business. 


You can also take this opportunity to share your contact details or tracking details with them and to give them regular updates. 


Not only this, but with 75% of consumers saying they like to receive shipping information and updates, you should take this opportunity to update them on their purchase if they have bought something from you. 

2. Let consumers know about new products and offerings 


Text messages can be one of the most direct ways to let customers know about any new products or offerings you have. 


If you use AI tools to power your SMS marketing strategy, you can even monitor the buying habits of consumers and target them with personalised messages. 


Similarly, as long as they've allowed for push notifications or SMS communications, you can send a text message to those who have abandoned their basket on your e-commerce site and retarget them to see if you can persuade them to complete the purchase. 

3. Create urgency through flash sales SMS messages 


A great marketing tactic used to boost sales is creating a sense of urgency. This can be done through flash sales or one-time offers. 


It takes the average person just three minutes to open a text message. What's more, consumers tend to respond better to last-minute promotions or reminders as this can spark an impulse buy.


As such, it's a good idea to send targeted promotions, sales or event reminders via SMS and let them know that they have a limited time to make the most of the offer. 


So, for example, if you have a sale ending Friday evening, send a reminder on Friday afternoon to encourage action. Similarly, if you're running a deal at your restaurant, then text them at lunchtime on the day when they might already be thinking about their next meal. 

4. Ask for referrals or reviews via text message 


Almost 90% will read reviews before making a purchase and 56% of those will read at least four reviews before making their final decision. 


As such, online reviews are hugely important to e-commerce businesses. This is because consumers rely heavily on the opinions and referrals of their peers. 


What has this got to do with text messages?


Well, you can use SMS to not only boost your customer experience and encourage them to leave good reviews, but you can also ask them directly to give feedback. 


You might wish to incentivise them to do so with a discount or voucher prize draw in order to boost the number of people that leave a review. 

5. Run SMS competitions


You could encourage your customers to engage with your brand whilst also giving back to them by running SMS competitions. 


This could be to win a certain product, service or perhaps to bag themselves a discount code to use on your online store when they wish. 


For example, you might include a call to action (CTA) like ‘text to win' or ‘text to enter'. 

6. Share content with your customers 


Finally, one of the best ways to nurture relationships and build a loyal customer base is through content. In today's digital world, there have been lots of studies that prove that businesses who regularly share useful content with their followers are more successful. 


So why not use SMS as another way to share great content with your customers. You might wish to share the answer to any frequently asked questions, valuable information about your goods or services or just direct them to useful pages on your website. 


So this is not only a good way to show customers that you care and that you're trying to engage with them, but it can help to solve genuine problems and drive more traffic to your website. 


Ultimately, SMS messages can be the ideal way to build your branding whilst boosting sales.