6 Reasons Why You Should Use Videos in Email Marketing


Effective email marketing is made up of attractive headlines and valuable content. And if they are personalized, it will increase open rates, click rates. To improve open rates and click rates, in addition to using words, call-to-action-buttons, pictures, 80% of businesses currently use many different types of video for the websites, their social media channels, and especially for email marketing. In this article, I will show you 7 important reasons why you should use videos in email marketing.

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1. Grab Readers Attention

This is the biggest advantage when using video marketing because video helps convey the message in the ad to the viewer effectively and concisely. This helps marketers to reach users in many directions to even the most complex information and gives you or your brand the opportunity to reach customers globally.

2. Effective Marketing Tool

According to research by many marketing experts, a creative video is more effective at reaching customers and conveying messages than plain text or images. This is also the reason for more customers to respond positively to a product after the introduction video is attached to the email. For this benefit, marketers should use video in their email marketing strategy.

3. SEO Optimization

A quality video with clear, creative, and interesting content will easily attract customers' attention. If your video is effective and attracts a lot of interest, this will assignment help with search engine optimization, increase website ranking in Google search rankings.

4. High Conversion Rate

There are many studies showing that most people tend to believe what they can see and hear rather than being communicated by others through the content or news.

Indeed, many customers nowadays rely more on introductory videos or product reviews before making a buying decision. Moreover, entertaining and educational videos will inspire viewers that can lead viewers to become potential customers of the business.

5. Create Personalized Experience

For example, when analyzing your website data, you notice that someone has just watched a portion of the video on your page and hasn't finished it yet. You can send that video in email so the user can continue to watch it. Besides, you can also add the suggestion to the content to attract more customer clickthrough rates. Your relationships with new customers strengthen and video views increase even more.

6. Promote Company Culture 

Email marketing doesn't have to be a super high show of a product. From time to time, you can subtly promote your product in an expression of your company culture. The purpose of this type of video is to increase brand awareness. This is also an important prerequisite for developing further relationships with customers.

7. Event Announcements

If your company organizes events, whether internally or externally, take a video that summarizes the event's progress to send to subscribers. So that you can give your customers a visual sense of how your brand works and attract customer interest in many other events.

Moreover, when launching a new product, you also can notify your customers using video in email marketing. For example, if you release a new upgraded version of the product, let the subscriber know in advance. That way, loyal customers can express interest in the product. Best of all, you have the potential to expand your market through word-of-mouth marketing.