6 Most Used Display Packaging in US Market


Every day new products get launched, and some products are getting modernized. Each product has unique features that no other products have. Some packaging boxes get used for the packaging of clothes. Some packages get used for the packaging of food items, while some get used to the packaging of footwear. We never use the same packaging box for clothing or confectioneries. We manufacture a packaging box distinctly, and in this way, it can protect our products.

Have you ever wondered why we do not use the same box for every type of product? Why do we have to manufacture a box with a specific feature shape and size? We would need to have to own a case that not only protects the product. But it should also represent the item professionally. And that is the reason why companies spend a lot of bucks on their packaging customization.

Now there is a type of packaging boxes that gets used to display the products. We would need to place the goods on them, and it can attract the audience due to unique features and design. These packaging cases are known as display packaging boxes.

There are many types of these packaging boxes. And each display gets manufactured and used to showcase a specific sort of product. In this way, we can make our products look professional and costly. It also keeps the products arranged. In this article, we would be discussing the different types of the display box. And would also be discussing its advantages.

Advantages of Using Display Boxes Wholesale:

  • These packaging cases keep the products arranged.
  • These packaging cases make the product look professional.
  • These packaging cases keep the product promoted.
  • These packaging cases increase the visibility of the product and attract the audience to them.
  • These packaging cases protect the product from dust.
  • These packaging cases keep the product safe from rolling over.
  • These packaging cases have inserts that keep each unit in its place, and they occupy less space.
  • These packaging cases are appealing to see and can get customized with any theme and design.
  • These packaging boxes are durable, firm, and also budget-conscious.

Six most used Types of Custom Display Boxes:

Here are some of the most used types of packaging cases that can get used in your store for a professional look.

  1. Countertop Display Packaging boxes:

These packaging boxes are unusually manufactured and designed to place on the shelf or counter. Products of smaller size and dimension are preferred to keep them. In this way, the counter seems clean and tidy.

Sometimes customers forget to purchase a product because of its smaller and not so visible size. But when the product gets showcased on the counter. The sales can increase as the customers can purchase it on their way out of the store.

These packaging cases can get manufactured with paperboard, cardboard, or corrugated sheets. It gets used to holding products like chapsticks, candies, chocolate, tissue papers, lighter, battery, etc.

  1. Floor Display Packaging boxes:

The packaging cases get manufactured with sturdy materials like corrugated packaging boxes. But the question is, why do we have to make it sturdy? The reason is that it gets used to holding heavy and large products. And that's why it should hold itself well if it would have to showcase heavy products.

You can get these packaging boxes manufactured in any shape and size. Place your products in them and keep track of them using these displays. The packaging boxes are customizable and have a wide range of variety.

  1. End caps Display Packaging boxes:

These packaging cases often get placed at the end of the store or aisle. In this way, the customer can get to see the product and can purchase the professional-looking items. They are larger and are also sturdy and firm. Sellers use these packaging boxes to promote or sell your product.

These packaging boxes are unusually used to promote a product. You can do it by customizing your showcases with different designs and themes. And do not forget to imprint your brand's slogan onto these cases.

  1. Power wings Display boxes:

These packaging cases are attached to the shelf, wall or fixture, or end caps. It does not matter wherever you hang them as long as they are visible to the public.

If, by any chance, you hang this somewhere where the customers cannot see them, how would you sell the product? That's why sellers make sure that they get fixed at eye level and are visible to clients.

Like any other box, you can customize them with any design, pattern by using an adequate printing technique.

  1. Book Display Packaging boxes:

These packaging cases get manufactured from sturdy material. You can build them in any shape and size. They can be kept on the shelf. Or you can get them manufactured in large size and can retain them on the floor.

It all depends on the number of units you want to showcase. Otherwise, you can use both and use the smaller size displays to showcase the newly arrived book at your counter.

  1. Customizable Cardboard Display Packaging boxes:

These packaging boxes get manufactured with cardboard, which makes them organic and recyclable. You can get them manufactured for any product and can amount with your brand look. They are customizable, light-weight, and easy to import. You can move them around freely in your shop. And you can put them anywhere you want. And can also achieve better results or goals using display boxes wholesale.

Another type of display box is known as a Tiers Display Packaging box. With this much variety in displays, we can get any display boxes we want to showcase our product professionally.