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5 Amazing Apps for Creating a Digital Business Cards



Just got your hands on one of your new potential clients, then what can prove to be more beneficial than handing him out a digital business card of your own. According to the experts, handing out digital business cards happens to be a time-honored practice. 


Whomever you provide your business card with will have all of your required contact information in one convenient place. And in order to cope up with the increasingly digital world, nothing can prove to be more profound than turning your business card into a digital one.


The perks digital business card comes in handy with is simply inevitable. A digital business card not only helps you to create a single simple file of all your contact information that might be required by the client in one single place but also happens to allow users to share their digital business cards with the world. 


In order to get a business card for you, you may require an app that comes in handy with viable features to provide you with the best possible results.


With that being said, what are you waiting for, create your digital business card by these finest digital business card creator apps that are being enlisted below and choose one which suits best with your preference and provides you with a profound experience.


  1. CardXE


Cardxe happens to be one of the simplest and one of the most effective platforms when it comes to creating Digital Business cards.


The devs at Cardxe have oversimplified the process of making a digital business card with Cardxe. All you have to do to make a business card with CardXe is to go get the app. Cardxe can be found on either Google play store or either Apple Store.


Once you have downloaded the app, the application will take you to a page in the app where you will need to sign up with the app. Here, you are going to be entering all of your information that the app will prompt you to enter. Once that's done, you will see a page in the app where you will see a blank screen. Don't get confused on the basis of it, as this place is meant to list all the business cards that you have made.


Click on the menu provided on the left side of the app. Select the color of your digital business card. Once you are done, you will need to enter information regarding your business and your personal information. Once you are done, you can save the card and send it to your clients!


  1. Haystack


Haystack happens to be one of the most popular virtual business card tools to exist in the market lately. By allowing users to create digital business cards full of style, Haystack provides users with a chance to lock in the design of the business card. This way, many people would be able to hop on the design, would enter their personal information in it, and would be able to get a business card of their own within no time.


Thanking the analytics data built this haystack comes in handy with, once you designed a business card on a haystack, your team would be able to view the number of people who have viewed your visiting card up till now.  


Other profound features of Haystack happens to include the viable ability to scan, share, update and store the contact data of your clientele with ease, just by simply scanning the received digital business card. For the features Haystack comes with, it can provide you with a profound experience for sure.


  1. OneCard


One card always moves ahead of the average apps to exist in the market, and this is why this app is considered to be one of the finest one, especially when you are looking for something that allows you to get in depth engagement with your new leads.


What counts to be the best part of this OneCard app is that it allows you to create a digital hub which allows your customers to choose a way to connect with you according to their personal preference. For instance, you can come up with a digital brochure and can fill it out with your standard contact information along with a touch of a catchy bio to grab the attention of your viewers, and can attach a video with it in which you can tell everything about yourself to the people. 


OneCard happens to be the best app one could have to create digital business cards.


  1. SnapDat


If you wish to keep in your traditional business card theme and really don't want to veer too far than that, then SnapDat can be the thing you were looking for! This app happens to be a free digital business card app that premiumly boasts the distinctive look and allows users to form a traditional business card. 


This app comes in handy with ease of operation, all you need to do is to install this app on your phone, open it, select a theme of your liking, fill it out with information, and your digital business card is good to go!


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  1. Switchit


If you are one of those people who always wants his business cards to be simple yet attractive, then Switchit would surely suit best with your taste.


This electronic business card maker comes in handy with pre-built designs and templates, hence you really don't have to start everything from scratch, and can get your desired digital business card within no time.


With the ease of operation this app comes with, it can easily be operated by anyone!




Though traditional paper cards are still being run down in the market, however, the preference of people happens to get changed as people these days prefer convenience over tradition.

A digital business card happens to be the great way one can secure his leads, however, you would need to have the right digital business card by your side. And with that being said, the above-mentioned digital cards happen to be the best ever tool for creating business cards, and the results you would witness by using them would simply be incredible.